Features of live sex using webcams

Webcam sex – it not only dirty conversations and peeping. On the Internet chats and online of appointment enjoy wide popularity. On the Internet as much flirtation, how many and pure sex. There is a set of ways of a meeting of people in a network. There are webcam chat rooms which subject is selection of couple for the Internet of appointments, only talk on sex, and also other not sexual chats in which communication of people with common interests comes to an end with flirtation and joint transition to private virtual sex.

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Two persons who got acquainted in a chat room, can continue the Internet appointment at more intimate level. By means of the Skype, two persons can communicate among themselves, at the same time visiting other sites. Virtual lovers can appoint appointments to specific time, send urgent messages, and then invite each other to the same site. You can go to the museum, visit the rock music site, travel on the sites of the different countries, visit dancing and the video sites, to listen to songs, to look through announcements of movies, to learn to prepare exotic dishes on the culinary sites, to learn about historic figures or to visit the sites of sexual adventures. On the Internet appointment you can visit any free online chats, jointly learning the world and enjoying new impressions.

It is possible to get rejected

Advantage of such communication is ease of refusal. Direct refusal is that case when you become impudent and swear, as the carrier. A lack of this form that in case of refusal on the Internet appointment people become rather rough. The simplest form of refusal by e-mail is the act of disappearance. Absence of the answer to e-mails or impossibility to send the letter because your addressee closed the account — this same that “he told that will call, and never called”. Since then you never will meet he (she) any more, all attempts of communication are unsuccessful, and you look for the new partner, it is simple for sex.

Do not make mistakes

In order to avoid collapse of hopes during acquaintances and flirtation do not lose the head. Are on the alert. Do not come across sexual \”hooks\”. If you do not know the interlocutors in the real world, it is hardly possible to claim that “John Oldman” – it validly the man and to it is valid 35 years or that your interlocutor — really seventeen-year-old girl. You can open the intimate secrets and intimate desires to the person who is not for whom gives out itself.

Your intentions have to be real. You probably are not going to look for the girl (guy) of the dream on the Internet. Your sexual adventures, most likely, will remain in a network and will not pass into the real world. Only the insignificant part of people finds in the Internet of whom then really meets in the real world, and still the smaller part of people finds in the Internet of the future real sexual partners or beloved.

Geography of virtual sex

As a rule, your virtual sex with the person living far from you remains only virtual. If you come to the Internet for search of relationship, look for couple closer to the residence. It is improbable that the novel on the Internet will end with that one of you will move to another, having given up work. Yes, sometimes such things happens, but it is also rare, as well as a winning grand prize in a lottery.

Don’t be naive. Be cute. It is not necessary to be good for all whom you meet. The virtual world — almost same deception, as well as real if it is no more. If you think that communicate nearly with the ideal, stop and be not sorry about it. Be not naive. That he has a guy who declares on the member fifty subjects of piercing, or the girl with a drug addiction cannot be your partners.


Not to be trapped, be careful. Do not neglect the basic rules safe sex online. If all of you got to a trap, sometimes the only way of a way out — to close your old electronic account and to open the new. It is unpleasant but if you really got to a similar situation, it is worth making it.

Rules safe live sex on internet

Virtual sex has to take place always in safe conversation not to be caught in a net of someone’s “webcam”. Video chat rooms are in essence safe and confidential but while you give e-mail address or attach the address to addresses of other participants of a chat in the express program, you can involve in “cyber relationships” of which it is very difficult to get out. Follow the following golden rules of online webcam sex;

  • never give the personal phone number or the address;
  • never give at the same time the first and last user name and do not call the city in which live;
  • do not tell the real name, except a case when you want to continue the relations with the partner in real life, but even in this case be careful and reasonable;
  • use a variable user name;
  • create a separate secret account of e-mail for fee sex of a chat;
  • never use for this purpose the working e-mail.

Cam girls and boys online and in videos

If you do not have lexicon and dirty conversations in sex chat room not for you, there are ways of interactive virtual sex. Now means for this purpose are in a development stage. Suits are developed, and soon they will fill the market, but, as well as all newly invented, they first will be very expensive and available only to elite, the great way to see how does it look like is to watch recorded videos where you can see hundreds of girls and how good they were in private.
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For occupations by such sex of people puts on a special suit with different simulators in erogenous zones. Then the person can observe erotic scenes, being gradually involved in virtual sex. It is felt as sex with simultaneous supervision over it. The person will be able to program the ideal partner and to practice with it any sex poses from the Kama Sutra

More perfect models of suits which other person can manage are developed even, or being in the same room, or on the Internet. In this suit sexual stimulation is made by the adaptations attached to a suit. These adaptations can be located on nipples, hips, hands or genitals, but force of tactile manipulation is regulated by other person by means of software of management. It opens essentially new world for people in the field of GIR-sex (“misters and slaves”). “Slave” puts on such suit and invites “mister” (“madam”) to play with he (she). “Mister” (“madam”) stimulates “slave” in different places at discretion, thus “slaves” do not know what will be the following stimulation.

Today virtual girls and boys exist on screens of computers, but not in suits. Is such of them which give to the observer the fascinating chance to feel all the power over them. You can double quantity of subjects of their clothes for management of their striptease or choose tone of conversation, clothes and behavior of your virtual partner in game. All these scenes and images are completely synthesized by the computer, and sexual excitation arises not only from the sex, but also from feeling of the power over them and their programming voluntarily.

Sex. Point. Orgasm

Since that moment as digital video cameras were invented, people started parading themselves on the Internet in sex of video chats. There are thousands a strip sites where users pay for that can “spy” for women and men in their bedrooms when those are occupied with the commonplaces, or that observe a striptease in certain time, or for viewing porn photos.

Supervision of a striptease and sexual scenes in real time is especially popular among Internet users, mostly among men. Sexual attractiveness of a webcam models on the Internet consists not only in supervision over the undressed girls in real time, but also and in the fact of peeping. Men masturbate and receive orgasms, spying upon the women occupied with the intimate affairs, irrespective of, whether they are undressed and sexually excited or not. Exist as the small sites created by certain women and the big sites with the whole hostels where girls live jointly and in each room the video camera is established. Peeping for these girls at an Internet keyhole when they eat, take a shower, sleep and sometimes masturbate, excites the most intimate erotic imaginations of some men.

Also exists live strip sites for women who like to spy upon men. They are not so popular because when the woman undresses for the man, requirements to it are higher. Men are more exacting, than women therefore the sites with a female striptease enjoy the greatest popularity.