Secrets of live virtual sex

Virtual sex with your darling sex will present new feelings to both of you and will uplift your relations on new level. The virtual proximity is not a striptease as many young ladies think. This satisfaction of in front of the computer screen. Not each girl and the wife is capable of such revelation. It is necessary to have huge desire to try something new. Virtual sex excludes any constraint and uncertainty in itself. In this case it is necessary to go all the way, applying all the maiden coquetry.

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Webcam Sex

The frankest form of self-expression is virtual sex via the webcam. Evening can begin with simple conversation on music, books, travel, how passed day. Then in the room as on wave of a magic wand, becomes suddenly hot, and the partner pulls together from herself an undershirt, remaining in seductive underwear. Let such act will be a surprise for blessed which did not expect it from the soulmate. Such behavior is mysterious and sexual. On it is possible to finish the first stage of sex. The small video with a naked body sent to darling to business trip will be the second stage.

Dissoluteness and aggression

Men occasionally want to see in a bed near themselves not simply relaxed ladies, but frankly dismissed women who aggressively excite. Such chance is given by virtual love on the Internet. Adjust the webcam so that it gradually “slid” down and up, showing all delights of a female body. It is not forbidden to touch itself. You should not be afraid: the husband will definitely not post in the Internet video to earn on quantity of clicks and viewings.


What pluses of virtual sex? First, the woman feels that is capable to dement the adult man. Is not present inconvenient silence, questions of work, contraception, a bathroom. There is no thought when it everything ends.

Special sex toys

Virtual sex cannot do without special sex toys. The beautiful underwear, beautiful gestures, toys will only present to the man additional pleasure. Very few people from husbands admit that would like to see how his wife is engaged in masturbation. But this thought often visits the male heads. One more obligatory attribute of night of love on the Internet – a glass of wine with which representation can begin and end. The nude woman with a wine glass in a tie looks very tempting. And if to put the computer in a bathroom and to give to the man the chance to contemplate as his wife bathes, no additional toys will be necessary.

Second option of sex

Network sex is a sex in the head. It tears off from reality. The speech not only about satisfaction. The virtual love can represent sexual correspondence in which it is possible to exchange the ideas and desires. After all it is much easier to write about the hidden imaginations, than to tell them. Sex on correspondence – alternative to sex on the webcam. This option for more modest girls. But not many can have sex on correspondence: not all in power to describe the desires, feelings and in general to speak about it. Virtual sex will become the rescue and healing helping to wait for return of darling home.