Why girls sometimes doesn’t want sex

I know from own experience that over time the sexual inclination of girls decreases so if your girl doesn’t want to have sex we go to live cams. I, of course, had not to talk on this subject to a large number of girls, however with what at me nevertheless it turned out, noticed at themselves such?? tendency. Also I want to notice that at me and my friends such recession was observed only during the long relations, during short-term novels or petty intrigues everything was, as always.


The reasons of sexualy calm girls:

1. Natural instincts. In my opinion, this reason is the main, and now I will explain why. Still for a long time for the woman was to find the main task a male who will give a qualitative seed for conception of the child. This instinct at the subconscious level remained with us still. When the girl finds the guy with whom feels protected and happy, she starts reflecting on a wedding and on a reproduction, that is she understands that found the worthy partner and therefore its need for searches disappears, and together with it need and desire to have sex disappears. For the same reason, sex cease some couples at which children were already born are engaged. The girl carried out the main objective (to give rise to posterity). And as at guys the main instinct consists in distributing the seed and to impregnate as much as possible females then disagreements already begin.

2. Physiological reasons:

– Fatigue. If after the tiresome working day for men sex is in the fine way to relax, women have all on the contrary. Problems at work or at university, housework very much exhaust, and after them there is no wish for any sex any more.

– Diseases. I managed to notice that even if the guy is ill, he all the same has rather strong sexual inclination, but girls have all on the contrary. Here it is better to wait until your lady recovers and already then to show the desire. During the medical period show the care better.

– Disgust. The man always should watch the hygiene. Very often the unpleasant smell of your body, the member or allocation from it causes disgust in girls. Also watch the hairiness and the relation of your passion to such things. You should not limit yourself in poses and to ignore sexual desires of the girl, and that all these, apparently, unimportant things can beat off completely desire of the girl to have with you sex.

On a note: at total absence of a sexual inclination at the girl, it is worth addressing to the doctor.

3. Lack of sexual interest. Almost all girls trust in the fairy tale and wait for it an embodiment in the life, we have same thoughts about sex. We saw enough a set of the American movies in which each sex is not simply sexual intercourse, but manifestation of mad love, and eventually we wanted same. Here therefore each sex which does not match our representation, beats off desire in general to be engaged in it.

Why the girl does not want sex

In such situation it will be better if you talk to the girl and learn, what her scenario of ideal sex as I think that each lady has such. Farther to you it is necessary either to realize this scenario or to explain to the darling that sex cannot always be fantastic. I think, it is better not to touch the second option. Your passion has to come itself to such conclusion, and differently in the future it in general will lose sexual interest.

4. Desire of changes. If you already long time meet the girl and feel that the sexual party of your relations loses the piquancy, surely try something new. We live in the world where everything very quickly bothers, not very well to a thing it or people. Sex – not an exception. Both sexologists, and psychologists advise always to make some changes to the sexual life. They positively influence not only the relations, but also health.

Still ancient times people suited orgies of grandiose scales, for them already then simple sex was not interesting. Can to you also it is necessary to reflect on experience of the girl? If you for it not the first, perhaps, you need to think of something more enchanting, than simply sex? Talk to the girl and suggest it to be engaged not simply hot, and even in hard sex, offer role-playing games or sex three together. You should not say to yourself that your girl not such, and her this idea will not be pleasant. I know many girls who seem very quiet, however in a bed they manufacture such that even if someone would tell another, I would not believe.

It would be better if you did not ask the girl, and simply watched her. Very often happens so that it is a shame to ladies to admit that they like something unusual, and here during sex it will be difficult to hide such things. Can be so that your girl herself does not guess that she likes something other. Here at first it is necessary to make, and already then to ask, whether it was pleasant or not.

Sometimes happens so that the girl needs time to understand that something you did during sex was pleasant to her. For example: for many girls who have no experience in this case, the cock sucking seems very vulgar and inadmissible act. The majority of them do it contrary to own desire and only because it is demanded by a situation. Only over time the same girls understand that now, few months later, they are pleasant to take in a mouth.

Same situation and with hard sex. At first girls reject thought of it, it seems to them that thus the man shows the disrespect for the woman. However, over time it everything changes and then him there is a wish for something more rigid. Personally at me and was.