How to open the cowl of the car in other way

If you have come up against a situation when it is necessary to open a cowl of the car, and a rope putting in action the mechanism of unlocking of the lock of a cowl, has broken, do not despair! After all the exit always can be found. First of all define on length of the broken piece of a rope as there was far a rupture. For this purpose separate a plastic cap to which to fasten a cable (for which you pull, when want to open a cowl) and extend the torn off end. On length of the broken piece define, how there was far a rupture. In case you cannot reach the broken piece and to pull for it for opening of a cowl of the car, you cannot open a cowl in such a way. In that case try the following recommendation.

It is necessary to know that in any car emergency opening of a cowl and handle petrol tank in case of breakage or easing of a tension of resulting cables is provided. Attentively and in detail study the maintenance instruction of your car. In it should be specified how to find the spare rope provided by the manufacturer of a car for emergency opening of a cowl of a car. Usually such spare cable settles down in one of thresholds of your four-wheel friend. In case of absence of the book of the technical specification you should find a spare rope most. Separate a decorative cap of a forward threshold and remove a covering which is in feet of the driver. Feel a floor a hand and in case of absence of a rope try to remove a covering even more strongly. The rope can be hidden in depth, and you simply do not reach it. If your searches have not crowned success, do the same sequence of actions, only from the passenger. Means, the rope should be there.

After a rope finding necessarily make a loop on its end insert into it a screw-driver or any flat subject that it was more convenient to extend a rope for cowl opening. Smoothly, but strongly pull for the cable end approximately on 10-15 see do not pull sharply or jerks. You can tear off a cable and then you should carry your car in car-care centre. If you managed to open a cowl, remember that breakage in no event cannot be left not corrected. For repair of the lock of a cowl of the car address on point of maintenance service of vehicles and replace broken cable.

How to pick the right pedometer

The pedometer is the device necessary for any adherent of a healthy way of life. But before it to get, he is necessary for choosing competently. Thus it is necessary to be guided by variety of criteria.

Solve, for what you buy a pedometer: for walking or for run? Whether it during operation will be exposed to strong vibrations, blows? Proceeding from it, choose model in the plastic or metal case.

Think of what kind of indication and a way of calculation of steps to you is convenient. If no additional functions, except calculation of steps are necessary to you from the device, get the mechanical device. It, in turn, can have drum-type or indication. What from this to choose, depends on your aesthetic preferences. If you like drum-type indication (as on the tape recorder counter), look at Internet auctions for domestic device “Dawn” which, besides, has the metal case. Advantage of any mechanical pedometer is absence of necessity of replacement of batteries, a lack – necessity periodic indicator (it is similar to hours).

In case you want, that the device, besides calculation of steps, also counted (let and rather approximately) calories, displayed current time, etc., get an electronic pedometer. Model it choose, proceeding from a desirable set of functions. At a choice of an electronic pedometer pay attention of the gauge by sight used in the device. It can be contact, or executed on a basis of accelerometer. The last are most reliable, and, besides, allow to carry the device in any, instead of strictly certain position. If you do not wish to carry with yourselves any additional devices, think of acquisition of a player or phone with the built in pedometer. And having got for the child the special complete set to the pocket game console into which complete set enter a special cartridge with game and the pedometer gauge, you will push him to employment by walking as instrument readings in this game are recalculated in additional points. In all similar designs gauges on a basis accelerometer, as a rule, are used.

Online porn – addiction or just a way to relax

Now three o’clock in the morning. But you do not sleep. You guy, has on the sly slipped out bed that “to check up e-mail”. Aha. Almost 100 % of men at least looked once a porno on the Internet. But one business to look – and absolutely another – to use an Internet pornography as replacement of the present sex with you. Many women ask today themselves a question – whether not «how to grow thin by the summer» or «not too thick I I look in this dress» – and «what to do if I catch my partner behind Internet porno viewing?». A question very actual – the pornography still never was such accessible, and men have immediately hastened to use this case under the full program.  So, by results of poll spent to the USA, 97 % of men admitted, what came on web sites to look  babe, and 2 more % have preferred to refrain from the answer (tell, what it, if not a recognition?). The majority of men regard the Internet porno as harmless entertainment: employment to brighten up your absence while you walk with girlfriends, or it leaves in business trip. But some men indulge in this employment with unreasonable eagerness, preferring virtual sex of real affinity with the girl or even the wife.

Let’s look to truth in eyes: at actresses of a porno not only more fervently breasts and more a flat stomach stick out. Has put at all in it. Simply they are ready on all – and then as it will be wanted by the man. The head never is ill them. They do not use sex for extortion or emotional blackmail. They never complain, do not stir without business, they do not need to be driven in restaurant, at cinema. They do not demand compromises and do not force itself to ask long. It is necessary to press only the reproduction button – and the man receives instant intensive visual sexual stimulation plus self-satisfaction improvised (literally) means. Pleasure for the lazy. All of you still be perplexed, why millions man prefer the Internet porno to sex in real?

However in moderate quantity and in hands of clever, developed and emotionally mature man of the Internet porn – and a pornography as a whole – rather harmless hobby. Therefore the first council – do not panic. The pornography is attractive to men for many reasons, and they not so such terrible as you represent to yourselves (i.e. your guy – not necessarily sexual maniac).

Basically, you even can like a pornography, and you can pour with favorite its “hobby”. One my acquaintance has found out recently a bookmark on a site with porno rollers in the browser on the computer of the husband and has immediately left the indignant message in vocal mail. But female curiosity has got the best. A little, it, overcoming disgust, nevertheless has decided to look that especial in it a porno. Finally, it has reconsidered a heap of any videos and was terribly got from lesbian games – the theme favorite by the majority of men and consequently widely presented on all porno sites. After the first angry message it has quickly dictated the second: «come home Faster! Your porno has really got me!» Now it same – if not big – fan of the Internet porno, as well as her husband. Read more…

How to make your own avatar for profile

In hinduism the avatar is an image of god in which it descended in the bottom spheres. Someone witty thought up to use this term for a designation of a small graphic representation which should characterize the Internet user and display its private online world.

Before to begin avatar search, solve, you want to create what image: the admirer of an anime, the brutal macho, the princess,  etc. Think, whether it will be pertinent in that Internet community in which you want to participate. Keep in mind that different resources impose restrictions on avatars of participants on subjects and on the size. Thematic restrictions are caused by ethical reasons: not all resources with understanding concern an avatar with a swastika or fight. Restrictions on the size are caused by quite reasonable reasons: the page will be loaded very long and “eats” a lot of traffic if participants decorate it megabytes with pictures in all screen. To pick up a ready avatar it is possible on the Internet on numerous specialized sites. Avatars are sorted on themes for convenience of visitors. Come on a site, choose a suitable theme and an avatar which will correspond to your representation about itself. Read more…

Infiniti Etherea goes to mass production

In the beginning of month the automotive news portals wrote about Infiniti plans to return on the market of front-wheel models, and today company management told the first details about the future car with a drive gear on a front axle. During press conference at an exhibition in Frankfurt head of Nissan Carlos Gon told, Infiniti model construct on a new front-wheel platform of Mercedes-Benz, and the design of an exterior of the car will be cast by shape show penalty Etherea which world premiere took place within the limits of the Geneva showroom. It is supposed that the front-wheel car intended for realisation first of all on European market, complete both petrol, and diesel engines. The Vice-president of Nissan Andy Palmer expressed hope that on a share of the competitor of Audi A3 and BMW of 1st series it is necessary to 40 % from total number of the sold models of mark of Infiniti in the Old World. Because of a high yen exchange rate will exhaust the new car of luxury division of Nissan outside of Japan. Infiniti front-wheel drive vehicle should appear in the market roughly in 2014. Let’s remind that the first car constructed on a new front-wheel platform of Mercedes-Benz is the second generation compact B-class, whose premiere passed at an exhibition in Frankfurt.

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